Events To Attend At A Local Shopping Center

You might visit your local shopping center one or more times per month to buy clothing, items for your home, and gifts for friends and family, but there can be other times that are worth visiting. Check out the shopping center's website to browse its special events calendar, or look for this information on display at the mall itself. Many malls have a variety of special events that take place throughout the year and can be fun to attend.

Here are three events that you can often find at a shopping center in your area. 

Fashion Show

If you're interested in fashion, you'll be excited to learn that your local shopping mall may host occasional fashion shows. These shows are common at lots of malls and occur on a portable stage in an open space of the concourse. The models will wear clothing that is available at the mall's various clothing stores and may also have accessories such as purses and jewelry that you can buy at the mall, too. If you're interested in seeing how certain garments look when someone is wearing them rather than when they're simply sitting on a shelf, a mall fashion show can be good to attend. You may see pieces of clothing that you're interested in buying.

Trick Or Treating

As Halloween approaches, you might visit the mall to buy costumes for your kids, candy to hand out, or decorations for your home, but there may be another reason to visit. A lot of malls offer trick or treating for children, in which families can walk from store to store and receive treats. These events are popular among families with young children who may not yet be old enough to trick or treat outdoors. If you're new to the area, this type of activity may also be a fun way to meet other parents of young children.

Book Launch

Many shopping centers have bookstores, and these retailers can have various events that might interest you. One common event is a book launch in which an author visits the bookstore on the day that their book becomes available for purchase. They may read some excerpts of the book and will be available to sign copies and pose for pictures. This can be an event that is far more fulfilling to attend instead of just buying the book online.

Look for these and other events at your shopping center.