Vests That You Can Customize And Give Out

There are all sorts of worthwhile promotional products to consider, including clothing. Clothing is ideal because those who receive these garments may wear them dozens of times. When you wish to order a quantity of promotional clothing, it's a good idea to choose a promotional products company that has a sizable inventory. Doing so will allow you to peruse a variety of apparel options, including some that you may feel are a perfect fit for your organization. Vests are a category of clothing that is often available. You'll be able to get your organization's information embroidered on the chest of the vest, as well as choose vests that are the right color for you. Here are three vest options that many promotional products companies have available for you to customize.

Fleece Vest

One popular choice that may appeal to you is a fleece vest. This product offers a lot of warmth, which can especially be ideal if your organization operates in an area that experiences cool autumns and springs. On cool days, you may find that some people wear their vest under their jacket and leave the vest on even when they're indoors. This will help to keep your logo visible throughout the day. Fleece fabric is available in several different colors, so it will be easy for you to find an option that matches your brand's logo.

Down Vest

Many people enjoy the warmth that a down vest provides, which makes this another useful type of vest to consider customizing and distributing as a promotional product. Down vests are known for being very warm. In most cases, this garment will be warmer than a fleece vest. While a fleece vest might be suitable in the fall and spring, a down vest is typically ideal during the winter. It has a thick, bulky design and will typically have a wind-resistant exterior shell. Embroidered information in one or more areas of the shell will turn this garment into a valuable promotional tool for your brand.

Canvas Vest

If you're looking for a different option, a canvas vest can be a good garment to customize. These vests are popular among people who work in the trades, including carpenters and other contractors. Their canvas exterior has a durable nature, making it difficult to damage. Many canvas vests are designed with work in mind and will feature a number of pockets that allow the wearer to carry a variety of small tools and other items. Canvas vests may be appropriate if your organization has some involvement in the trade industry. For example, if you sell a certain type of tool that contractors use, many contractors will be excited to wear a vest that features your company's name and logo.

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