Expert Tips For Beginner Coin Collectors

If you are thinking about collecting rare coins, you should know that coin collecting can be more than just a hobby. Coin collections are an investment that can produce profitable returns later in the future. However, as a beginner, you will need a few items to get started in building a worthwhile collection. Follow these tips for getting the best start on your coin collection.

Identification is Easier By Magnifying Dates and Mints

Older coins are usually not in the best of shape, making it almost impossible to see mint marks and dates with the naked eye. Investing in a high quality magnifying glass is a good idea. Remember to avoid buying a magnifier made out of plastic because they are easily scratched and do not provide the level of magnification a glass magnifier provides. Remember your coin collection will be a wise investment, so making sure the tools you use to put it together are the best is important.

Storing and Protecting Your Coins: An Essential Aspect of Collecting

When choosing a coin folder, make sure to select one that is made in a durable fashion. Bear in mind you may be putting in and taking out coins from your folder several times over the years, so you want one that can withstand this type of use. The last thing you need is a cheap folder that falls apart, causing you to drop coins and losing some of them when adding a new piece to your collection. Purchasing a couple of coin folders is a good idea to make sure you will have enough room as you increase the size of your collection. Be sure to choose a folder that offers different sizes for various coin sizes. You do not want to damage your folder slots by trying to fit a liberty head nickel into a slot designed for a dime-sized coin.

Tubes for Storing Large Collections of the Same Coin

You may find that keeping a large number of wheat pennies in a coin folder is a waste of good space for other coins. Specially designed plastic coin tubes are the best option for storing coins that you may end having many of, like wheat pennies. Also, remember to keep a pair of cotton gloves on hand for the times you handle your coins. The oils on your skin can cause your fingerprints to become etched in the face of a coin. Over time, mishandling coins can create damage that would lower their value.

Coin collecting can be a richly rewarding hobby. Not only can you enjoy the profitable aspects of each coin in your collection, you can also relish in the fact that each one has a story and each one has a special place in history. If you're looking to start your collection, consider looking into local coin specialists, such as Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry.