Gift Ideas for Casual Guys

Buying a gift for a casual man should be easy, right? Not necessarily. In fact, if the gift recipient doesn't support any sports teams or have any major hobbies, it can be difficult to know what to get him. A new tie is always an option, of course, but maybe that's been your go-to for a while now. Get the casual-minded man on your list a gift he can really appreciate.


Who doesn't like to laze the afternoon away swinging in a hammock? In fact, according to Critical Cactus, sleeping in a hammock has numerous health benefits. It's easier to fall asleep in a hammock because the position the netting puts the body in is more conducive to rest. Indeed, people often experience deeper sleep in hammocks. Some have even reported an alleviation of back pain because there are no pressure points in a hammock. Even a man with casual interests will appreciate the gift of a better nap. Find hammocks for sale in your area.

Water Bottle

Everyone needs to drink more water, right? A reusable water bottle is a gift anyone can appreciate. Refillable water bottles come in plastic, aluminum, and glass. It's possible to find many different designs and shapes. Look for a water bottle with a more masculine feel so your casual guy will be inspired to use it regularly.

Cordless Headphones

Headphones got so tiny they literally disappeared in your ear. Then, as always happens, the pendulum swung back. Headphones are big again, and they feature crystal clear sounds. Look for a pair that can connect to Bluetooth. This way your gift recipient can use them to privately watch TV, listen to music, or work around the house with NPR in his ears.

Tech Savvy Gloves

There's nothing worse than having to remove your gloves in cold weather so you can check the time on your phone. Manufacturers have answered that need with a wide array of tech-savvy gloves. Such gloves come in a range of materials and styles. They all have one thing in common, though—conductive material in the fingertips that allows them to operate touch screens.


Even men with the most casual of interests enjoy watching something. Movie tickets are always a good bet since they don't expire. However, tickets to a sporting event are another viable option. It's not necessary to splurge on the pro team—many people enjoy watching college or minor league sports, too. Conversely, look for tickets to different events such as roller derby, stand-up comedy, or concerts.

Whether you give him a restful nap or a fun evening out, gift the casual man on your list with something he'll truly enjoy.