3 Tips For Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby chic is a style of decor that allows used, sometimes ragged furniture pieces the chance to find new life in a way that exudes charm and grace. There are a lot of great ways that you can find shabby chic decor for sale and make your home look as beautiful and unique as ever, regardless of your style and tastes. If this interests you, read the information below in order to learn some great ideas to make the absolute most of your shabby chic set up. 

Tip #1: Find A Uniform Theme

Many people hear the phrase shabby chic and envision a bunch of old pieces brought in with no rhyme or reason. This couldn't be further from the case, because the best shabby chic decor alway has a central theme. For instance, you can bring in art, coffee tables and seating areas that create a rustic, city coffee shop environment. Conversely, you can purchase an old school brass bed frame, with a tall lamp and large storage chest to create a cozy bedroom. The key to rusty chic isn't to find any old gently used furniture and bring it in—instead, develop the theme and emotion that you want the room to pervade, and acquire pieces that fit and exemplify that theme. 

Tip #2: Go For The Chipped Edge Look

Chipped edge furniture is ideal when going shabby chic, because this style can blend with any era or design type. For instance, you can dress up a casually themed living room with a white chipped edge table, or you can add one to a sophisticated dining room to add some light hearted personality. If the furniture does not already have the chipped edge effect, you can create it by cleaning and painting the piece, and then shaving away at the fresh paint with a steel wool brush. 

Tip #3: Get Creative In Hunting Down Furniture Pieces

While many furniture outlets sell furniture in the shabby chic style, you can get creative and find pieces in other ways also. For instance, thrift stores, yard sales, garage sales and curbside pickups are a great way to find furniture pieces that fit the theme. This part of the hunt is also very rewarding, as it can become a fun challenge to turn other people's old pieces into gems that shine amongst your decor.  

Follow these three tips and let your creative juices flow as you work on your shabby chic decor