Kayak Fishing Tips: Fighting And Storing Fish

Kayaks are not just for white water rafting. Recently, many individuals have also begun to use kayaks for fishing. Here are a few tips to get you started in this relatively new way of fishing.

Fighting A Fish

Once a fish realizes that it is hooked, it is going to put up a fight and try to get away. When you are on shore or on a large boat, that is when you brace yourself, stand your ground, and get ready to fight. You can move around and use your leg strength as well as your arm strength to help you reel in the fish.

When you are in a kayak, you don't have that option. However, that does not mean that you cannot battle it out with a strong fish. It just means that you need to adjust your technique.

The key is to make sure that you have the right equipment for the type of fish you are trying to catch. You need to make sure that you have enough line to reel in the fish. Even a five-pound fish is capable of moving your kayak when they are trying to get away.

You need to make sure that the line you cast out in the water is not too tight and has a little give to it. This will help you reel in a fish when one bites. When you feel a fish bite, the faster your reaction time, the better everything will turn you. You need to start reeling that fish in as quickly as possible.

To increase your chances of bringing that fish home even more, you need to make sure that you have between 200 to 250 yards of line, and that you are using at least a 6 pound test line.

Storing Your Fish

Many kayak fishers like to catch and release their fish. However, you can keep a few fish on your kayak with you. Just make sure that the fish you keep are the ones you really want.

  • Small Fish: If you catch a small fish, you can put it inside of the small cooler you have on your kayak with some ice.
  • Medium Fish: If you are going fishing for medium-sized fish, they may not fit inside of your small cooler. If you plan on catching medium-sized fish, you may just want to bring a bag of ice with you.
  • Large Fish: If you catch an extremely large fish, you should wrap it in either netting or a towel. Then you can tie it down on your kayak's deck.

If you're interested in trying kayak fishing, make sure you bring along the right type of line and have the right equipment to store the type of fish you are going after. Work with a shop like Chauncey's Pawn & Gun to get the supplies you need.