2 Easy DIY Baby Costumes That Won’t Break The Bank

If you need a cute baby costume for Halloween this year but do not want to spend a lot of money, then consider making an outfit. Here are 2 easy DIY baby costumes that are inexpensive, cute, and easy to make.

Animal Costumes

First, animal costumes are extremely easy to make, and you can use them for girls and boys. Pick an animal that is largely one color to start.

For example, a duck is usually yellow or white, and a frog is usually green. Once you have an animal in mind, buy a solid-colored shirt in the color of the animal's skin or fur. This will create the body of the animal costume without much money at all.

You can also buy matching pants or sweat pants for your baby so that they are clothed in the color from ankle to neck. This will keep the cool night air off of their skin, and it is very inexpensive.

Next, you need to create the face of the animal. You can do this by doing face painting, or your can make a beak or ears to match. If you want to make ears, get a small headband that is soft and that will fit comfortably on your baby's head. Next, add some ears that are cut out of felt, and you will have the perfect costume.

If you want to face paint, just make sure that you have a picture to go off of, and use paint that is safe for your baby's skin, so that your baby does not have a reaction.

Look-Alike Costumes

Second, consider doing a look-alike costume for your baby so that your baby can look like a business professional or like someone famous. This is relatively easy, because you just need clothing that looks like what the person normally wears.

For example, consider a little doctor costume. You can easily make some small scrubs, or your can buy some baggy pants and a loose top. Just get a kid stethoscope, a band-aid, and a notepad to stick in the pocket of the shirt, and your baby will be set.

You can do this with any profession without spending a lot of money, so consider doing a look alike costume that is not overly lavish and that requires very little effort.

Either of these choices will work well for a baby, so think of a theme and then go with it. Your baby's costume will be a huge hit at your next Halloween party!