How To Encourage Your Family To Drink More Water

You probably understand the importance of drinking water, but it can be tough to encourage your kids and the rest of your family members to drink as much water as they should. Although it might seem like a losing battle, there are things that you can do to encourage your loved ones to drink more of the water that is so good for their health. Try these tips, and you just might see an improvement in water consumption in your household.

Make Sure it Tastes Good

First and foremost, you have to make sure that the water in your home tastes good. Although the taste of your tap water might not bother you, some people are more sensitive to the taste of the chlorine that is used to treat public drinking water. Invest in a good water filtration system -- you can have a house-wide system or you can install one on your kitchen sink -- to help get rid of chemical-like flavors and to give water a better taste.

Make it More Convenient

If it is more convenient to drink water than anything else, your family members will be more likely to grab it out of instinct. For example, cut down on buying juice boxes and canned sodas. Instead, keep a pitcher full of cold water in your refrigerator, preferably at the front of an eye level shelf. Keeping water bottles in your refrigerator can also make it easy for your kids and other family members to grab a bottle when they're looking for something fast and easy or when they're heading out the door.

Wean Them to it Slowly

Don't expect your family to instantly start drinking water just because you ask them to. Instead, consider weaning them slowly. For example, try diluting juice with water; you can start by serving one-fourth water mixed with three-fourths juice, and then you can slowly switch to a half-and-half mixture. When making iced tea, consider using more and more water and less and less tea each time that you make it. Over time, your family will become accustomed to the taste of water.

Don't assume that it's a lost cause to convince your family members to start drinking more water. Instead, follow these tips, especially by filtering the water with best 3m water filters, to make this encouragement a whole lot easier. In no time, you're sure to notice that your loved ones are drinking more water than ever, and eventually, they just might embrace the health benefits of doing so.