Give Your Husband Something Unique This Christmas

Does it often seem like it is hard to buy the man in your life something he'll actually use and enjoy? Many men just go out and buy whatever they need to and, when it's time to talk about gifts, they may make light of it by saying something like, "I'd rather you save the money than buy me a present." However, if you're creative and put yourself to the task, you can give your husband a gift he'll truly love.

Give Him Experiences - On Christmas Eve, after everybody has settled down for the night, sneak into the room where the Christmas tree has been set up and load it with little envelopes tucked with many surprises. Try to include a mix of those he has done before and enjoyed, and those that will be totally new to him. Here are some for you to consider.

  • Give him a date for dinner for two at a restaurant that serves foreign food that he has never had before.
  • Plan a visit to your area's main library where you can both get a library card, if you don't already have one. Include library cards so that you can check out some books.
  • Surprise him with lessons for something you know he's always wanted to do. Does he want to learn how to play the guitar or the banjo? Does he want to learn more about landscaping? What about cooking classes?
  • Schedule a walking tour of your downtown historic district. Make it even more fun with dessert or dinner as part of the plan.
  • Some of the little envelopes would be delightful to open if you tucked poems and other messages of love in them.

Give Him A Gift Basket - Instead of one main gift, consider giving many little gifts tucked into a special basket, perhaps a small tool box for his car or a travel kit. Just think of what he loves and build on that.

  • Select a new best seller by his favorite author.
  • A traditional gift like a necktie or handkerchiefs. Have the handkerchiefs monogrammed to make them even more special.
  • Consider buying him a Dovo straight razor set. Dovo straight razors are crafted by experts so you know you'll be getting excellent quality. Beginners do better with new ones rather than vintage ones. You need to know that the straight razor should to be professionally honed for it to work at it's best. Choose a set with a guide book, a high quality shaving brush and shaving soap. Even though a good quality straight razor is not inexpensive, it will last for so many years that your husband will probably be willing it to a son. 
  • Add a fabulous after shave lotion or cologne, his favorite candy bars and a love note and your gift basket will be complete.

Congratulations on all the thought you're putting into your husband's Christmas present.