Two Guitar Care Tips

Playing the guitar can be a highly rewarding experience for anyone to do. However, it is a reality that there are many new guitar players that may not be sure of the steps that they should take to care for these expensive and delicate instruments. If you have only recently started to play the guitar, you will likely benefit from learning the following couple of care tips.

Use Two-Way Humidity Control Packets

Keeping the humidity stable is critical when it comes to storing your guitar. Unfortunately, it can be possible for dramatic swings in humidity to cause the wood to warp and the strings to come out of tune. To help protect your guitar against this threat, you should consider placing two-way humidity control packets in its case. These packets will be able to keep the humidity stable by release moisture into the air when it is excessively dry and they will absorb moisture when the humidity gets too high.

While these packets can be extremely effective at keeping the humidity stable inside the case, they will gradually lose effectiveness. As a result, you will need to replace them on a regular basis. The exact frequency will depend on your local climate and the size of the packet, but most of these packets will contain a strip that will indicate when they need to be replaced. Many of these packets will do this by having a strip of paper or cloth slightly change color at the end of the life of the packet. Fortunately, these packets can be purchased from most music supply stores, like Wilmington Jewelry & Loan, which will make replacing them fairly convenient.

Keep The Guitar Dust-Free

Dust can be another major problem for a stored guitar. Over time, substantial amounts of dust can gather on the exterior of the guitar, and while this might not seem like it would be a serious problem, it can cause substantial wear to the finish of the guitar. Additionally, it is possible for the dust to interfere with the pegs, which can make tuning more difficult.

When dusting the guitar, you will want to use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the exterior. There are some products available to help make dusting easier, but you should avoid using these on a regular basis. While they can make it easier to remove the dust, they might also leave a thin film behind. This film can make the guitar feel slick or sticky, and it can be rather difficult to remove.