Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture framing adds something special to a family portrait, award or work of art. However, if you do not understand the whole process, and the way things should be done, you could end up damaging, or even destroying, something you had hoped to pass on to your children. Here are a few ways to avoid the common mistakes people make when ordering custom framing.

Mat Border too Small

First, it should be said to never skip having a mat. The mat is not just a way to make a small picture fit into a larger frame. It is also not strictly for decoration. The real reason behind having a mat is to keep the glass from touching whatever it is you are framing. You do not want to have to peel your wedding pictures off the glass when you decide it is time to change frames or store them for a move. To best keep the glass and phot from touching, the border of the mat should be roughly two times the width of the frame edge. The wider the frame edge, the wider the mat border needs to be.

Glass is not the Right Thickness

If you think you are protecting the picture by using a thicker piece of glass, you would be making a mistake. Thick glass is heavy. You do not want the frame breaking because the glass is too heavy. This would have the artwork falling out of the frame, quite possibly getting damaged by a nail that is left when the bottom piece fell out. Of course, glass that is too thin can easily shatter and slice up the item it is supposed to be protecting. Talk with the professional about what thickness the glass should be to best protect your photo.

Using Plexiglas

Plexiglas can be lighter than glass, and does not break as easily. However, it can also discolor if left in direct sunlight. It is also easier to scratch than glass, in fact, some cleaners will eat away at it, making it more opaque so you cannot see the picture as clearly. It is also more static than glass so dust and dirt tends to cling to it more easily.

Having custom picture framing adds a depth of beauty to your art and to the room. Instead of simple, black or plain wood frames, you can match them to the wood and décor of the room. However, you need to make sure you are using the right mat and the right type of glass to keep your art and photos safe. Your grandchildren deserve a chance to enjoy family photos or works of art as they are passed down through the generations. 

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