3 Simple Ways to Thank a Veteran

Veterans Day may only fall once a year, but that doesn't mean that the brave men and women who have defended the country by serving in the military shouldn't be celebrated each and every day. While it's wonderful to have a single day devoted to honoring veterans, you can certainly do your part to show your appreciation all year long.

Whether you know a veteran personally or you happen to pass one by in the street, here's a look at some simple ways to show your gratitude.

Volunteer at the USO

Giving your time is one of the best ways that you can say thank you to a veteran. Spend a single day, one day a month or one day a week volunteering at your local chapter of the USO (United Service Organization.) This nonprofit organization aims to provide support and care for the well being and morale of soldiers and their families. You can volunteer your time helping to organize live entertainment or by heading a program within the USO; organize a volleyball tournament or offer to coach a softball team. You can also simply take the time to visit with the soldiers who make use of the USO. Just speaking with the soldiers and their loved ones is an excellent way to show how thankful you are.

Give a Commemorative Plaque

If you know a veteran or an active solider personally, a commemorative military plaque is a great way to say thank you. You can have a plaque made out of bronze or brass and have special inscriptions and emblems inscribed into it. For example, you could have the name of the individual, his or her rank, the name of the branch of the military that he or she served/serves in and the insignia of that branch inscribed into the plaque. This thoughtful gift will surely show your gratitude. Talk to a company like The Trophy Case to get the plaque done.

Pick Up the Tab

Even something as simple as picking up the tab is a touching way to say thank you. If you are dining at a restaurant where a soldier is also dining, locate his or her server and pay the bill. There's no need to call attention to yourself; you can be discreet (unless you want to let the soldier know). Something as simple as this will really let that individual know how grateful you are for his or her service.

You don't have to spend a ton of money or organize a lavish affair to celebrate veterans. Simple acts of kindness will certainly let veterans know how much they mean and how valued their bravery is.