4 Fun Uses For Christmas Lights During The Summer

Did you spend loads of money on commercial LED Christmas lights last year, only to put them away in a box until the next holiday season? Why not get them back out this summer? Christmas lights can add a beautiful ambiance to your outdoor design. Here are some fun ideas to try:

String Lights on a Pergola

If you have a pergola, try stringing lights through the top rungs. You may even want to place some chairs or other seating under the pergola so you and your guests can enjoy the glow. You could even have a lovely alfresco meal under your pergola, or just after dinner drinks. This little bit of detail can create an additional entertainment area to your landscape.

String Blue and Green Strands by the Pool

Summer pool time is the perfect place for bright LED lights in blue or green. These colors are vibrant and work perfectly with the colors of the swimming pool. String strands of lights around the shrubs, in trees, on a fence, and anywhere else you can place them. This is especially good for a night time swim party for kids, especially if you incorporate their favorite characters in coordinating colors.

Place Lights Along a Walkway

When you having guests over, try illuminating your walkway with strings of white lights. You simply need to place some stakes in the ground every few feet. Next, simply place the lights along the walkway, attaching it to the stakes as you go. This creates a festive and welcoming mood to your party.

Put Lights in Clear Vases for Outdoor Tables

If you have some battery powered lights and want to add some color to your outdoor tables, you can simply ball them up and place them inside clear vases. These easy centerpieces can add a festive touch to any outdoor event, no matter how casual or formal. To dress it up, use only white lights and place the vase on a mirrored tile. For more casual get-togethers, use colorful lights with simple votive candles surrounding the vase.

Using Christmas lights in the summertime is a fun way to add some whimsy to warm summer evenings. If you want to decorate with lights during the summer but cannot find them in your favorite stores, check their websites to see if there are any in stock. You may even get a deal since it is an off-season purchase.