Channel Italy In Your Patio Garden

Who doesn't dream of an Italian vacation? Imagine the sights and sounds of the seaside with thriving plant life and charming stucco buildings. Well, make over your patio so that you think of Italy every time you step out your back door.

Colors of the Mediterranean

Obviously you can find any color in Italy. Yet as Better Homes and Gardens points out, red clay, rich green and aged patinas are what people associate with the Mediterranean. Include also the deep sea blue of the Mediterranean itself. So, for instance, start with red clay pavers for the flooring. For the rest of your color palette, include the blues of sea water and greens of lush plants. Keep the palette grounded with neutral white.

Lush Plants

A key to making your Italian-style patio luxurious is creating clusters of plantings. Start with terra cotta pots dotted liberally around the space. Create container gardens of Mediterranean plants. Geraniums, bay laurel shrubs, citrus trees, and even tomato plants are all typical of the Italian countryside.

So, as an example of a container garden, consider starting with a showpiece such as a dwarf lemon tree. Hang potted geraniums in the same corner, and add a selection of Italian herbs such as rosemary, basil, and oregano. Not only does your container garden provide that verdant backdrop, but you'll delight in the fragrances.

Soothing Water Sounds

Whether you're picturing the fountains of Rome or the Mediterranean Sea, water plays a big role. There are numerous options for adding outdoor water fountains to your Italian-style patio:

  • Tiled wall fountain
  • Ancient-looking standalone fountain
  • Terra cotta wall or standalone fountain
  • Copper water fountain

A very attractive tableau is to tuck an ancient-looking standalone fountain in the center of your container garden. Another option is hanging a wall outdoor water fountain near your lounging zone. Both afford you the pleasing sounds of running water as you laze the day away on your patio.

Outdoor Dining

Besides the magnificent views, the other aspect of Italy most people imagine is the food. Even if you're not in the habit of cooking Italian cuisine, add dining space to your patio. Look for an outdoor furniture set made of wrought iron and tile. Place cushions in whites, blues and greens on top. For best effect, place one of your herb planters as a centerpiece of your Mediterranean table.

Imagine feeling like you're in Italy every time you step outdoors. Transform your patio with the colors, sounds, and smells of the Mediterranean.